The comment period on our land-based national monuments has closed, but there is a separate comment period for our marine national monuments, which still need our help! You have until July 28, 2017 to click that button above and leave a message on the Department of the Interior's comments page telling them why these monuments must be protected.

But what can you do for the land based monuments? I'm glad you asked. You can call your representatives in congress and in the senate, and you can call the department of the interior. Analysis shows that phone calls and voicemails are the most effective way to reach your representatives because it's somebody's job to go through all of them. So, here's how you can find your reps.

Call Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke at this number:  (202) 208-7351

Find your senator's info here (by selecting your state from the drop down menu)

Find your congressional rep's info here (by entering your ZIP code)

Find your governor's info here (by selecting your state)

Tell them that these precious lands are not only our heritage, but the heritage of children many generations to come. They are some of the last monuments of true American wilderness and they must not be exploited, sold, or damaged in any way. These lands are our legacy, and we will fight for them.

Get involved

Here's how you can be part of the #27Monuments Project:
This content is free for you to share and re-purpose, provided you do it in the name of driving support, awareness, and engagement for the protection of our historic monuments. Use our hashtag and encourage people to seek more information either at this website or on the DOI comments page. Together we can help protect the living monuments of America's wilderness.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about these threatened places. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Put the #27Monuments and #MonumentsForAll hashtags on your own photos of these incredible monuments and encourage people to follow the project on Instagram and Facebook.