The July 10 deadline has passed but we're not done fighting.


Trump has now moved forward with calling for the reduction of some of our most sacred national monuments.
The backstory on this project:

Under an executive order issued in April, 2017 the U.S. Department of the Interior is currently reevaluating the status of 27 established national monuments. Many of these stunning and unique places are homes to rare flora and fauna, to indigenous tribes, and to some of the most important archeological sites in the United States. Loss of official designation could result in these sites being opened for mining, drilling, logging, and cattle grazing, which would cause permanent damage. 

To raise awareness and get the public involved, journalist/filmmaker Brent Rose is attempting to visit as many of these natural wonders as possible in the short time we have left for public comment. Each day new photos and videos from these incredible places will be published to show why each is so special.

Learn more about the project and these places at the links below. The #27Monuments Project exists primarily on Instagram, and we recommend you follow it there, but much of the content will also be made available on Facebook.



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