NEW ACTION! (October 2018)

There are two new opportunities for the public to weigh in and try to save several of our national monuments. please take a moment and raise your voice for each of these precious public lands.

we have until november 15th, 2018

Because our government has made it as complicated and unintuitive as possible to make your voice heard, I am partnering with the non-profit They have created simple, straight-forward forms, and they will make sure your comments are delivered. Please take a moment and sign each of these. I promise it'll be quick...

Click here for the bears ears comment page

If you’d rather contact the BLM directly you can email them at:

click here for the grand Staircase-Escalante Comment Page

Or you can go directly to the BLM’s Grand Staircase form HERE. Note: You are not required to submit your phone number or full address.


The original comment period on our national monuments has closed, but the fight is not over. The lawsuits will soon be pouring in, and when they do, please give what you can to support the organizations putting them up. Our opponents have deep pockets. In the meantime, Tweet to @realDonaldTrump and @WhiteHouse and tell him these lands belong to We The People, and they are not for him to take and sell to oil, gas, and other special interest groups. Use these hashtags: #MonumentsForAll #KeepItPublic #StandWithBearsEars #SaveGrandStaircase #27Monuments

What else can you do? I'm glad you asked. You can call your representatives in congress and in the senate, and you can call the department of the interior. Analysis shows that phone calls and voicemails are the most effective way to reach your representatives because it's somebody's job to go through all of them. So, here's how you can find your reps.

Call Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke at this number:  (202) 208-7351

Find your senator's info here (by selecting your state from the drop down menu)

Find your congressional rep's info here (by entering your ZIP code)

Find your governor's info here (by selecting your state)

Tell them that these precious lands are not only our heritage, but the heritage of children many generations to come. They are some of the last monuments of true American wilderness and they must not be exploited, sold, or damaged in any way. These lands are our legacy, and we will fight for them.

Get involved

Here's how you can be part of the #27Monuments Project:
This content is free for you to share and re-purpose, provided you do it in the name of driving support, awareness, and engagement for the protection of our historic monuments. Use our hashtag and encourage people to seek more information and to take action. Together we can help protect the living monuments of America's wilderness.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about these threatened places. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Put the #27Monuments and #MonumentsForAll hashtags on your own photos of these incredible monuments and encourage people to follow the project on Instagram and Facebook.