None of this would be possible without a little (a lot of) help from our friends.

  • Mapping route and visualization: Nick Furness
  • Music for videos: John McGrew
  • #27Monuments logo: Scott Modrzynski
  • PR Consulting and Outreach: Kristina Libby
  • Research on monuments: Kasia Newman, Louise Myra, Georgia Henley, Jordan Arico, Kristy Powers, Shannon Mujica, Mike Harrison, Nick Hongola, Melissa Center, Colleen Smallfield, Tamara Jacobson, Kathryn Robinson, Nicole Stevenson.
  • The awesome folks at Monuments For All and the Center For American Progress.
  • And my dad, for canceling his vacation and signing on to do several thousand miles of driving while I was editing video and preparing for the next stop. That really saved my bacon.

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